GIS Switchgear

GIS stands for GAS INSULATED SWITCH. The GIS switchboard uses SF6 gas as an insulator around the busbars. Its switching equipment can be placed in the gas environment. These panels are integrated.
Due to the insulation and compactness of these panels, no arcs are cut when disconnecting and plugging. Therefore, in humid climates, environments with high industrial pollution and in confined spaces are used.
These boards are up to 50% more compact and affordable than AIS boards. In these panels, the SF6 gas inside the chamber is vacuumed, thus reducing the distance of the fuzzy shafts by up to two-thirds, resulting in shorter fittings, in other words, smaller panels and less space. GIS boards are one of the most widely used power boards.

GIS Power Panel – High Voltage

GIS Panel – Medium Voltage