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GRC Compact Prefabricated Substation

Compact, Resistant, and Ease of Use

GRC is a new solution to the power supply and reduces power loss at metropolis. ‌‌ Using state-of-the-art technologies in accordance with IEC standard 62271-202, we have been able to produce pre-fabricated compact substations that provide high security and durability.  We create tailor-made solutions adapted to your needs.

Our experience has proven our expertise in selection of proper material dedicated to the applications which is GRC compact prefabricated substation.

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What is GRC?

GRC is an abbreviation for “Glass Reinforced Cement”.

GRC is a composite material for electrical substations, in fact, Cement, Glass Fiber, Silica, water and some chemical additives mixed together in an especial mixer in order to become mortar and then poured into the molds in order to form substation enclosure made of GRC.

GRC is widely used in construction throughout the world, when weight is an important factor. More resistance and attractive than  sheet-steel enclosures.
GRC is free of metal parts in its construction, our substations are corrosion-proof and prevent internal condensation due to its features that are similar to “concrete” featuring :

Advantages of Using Comact Substations

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